Dementia Care Services at South West Care

South West Care provides support that you can receive within your own home if you need assistance with day-to-day activities.

We offer a range of personal services, support services and clinical care programs to support people with dementia to continue living independently, and in their homes and communities for longer, and also supports care relationships through providing respite care services.

The types of support services people can access will depend on their individual needs.

Service availability may differ across regions, however all programs offer choice and flexibility.

The range of home care services available may include personal and domestic support, including help with medication, meals, nutrition, continence, nursing and allied health services, transport, home maintenance or modification, mobility and dexterity aids, home safety and other assistive technology.

Planned respite services and emergency respite are also be available if needed by the person with dementia or their career.

South West Care is exclusively supporting people with dementia. Our caregivers will increase the quality of life for your loved ones who are suffering from dementia. We are  using reminiscence therapy and validation therapy for the individuals to boost their comfort and reduce anxiety.

At South West Care, we value our clients as individuals and care for them with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

Our care workers have expertise and knowledge. They are also enthusiastic, passionate and genuine about the care that they provide to you.

At South West Care, we take on board how you want to have things done, and we work with flexibility and tolerance with clients to make sure the care you receive from our service is delivered in a manner that suits your needs.