Social Support and Transport Services at South West Care

We provide companionship at home, social groups, as well as transport and assistance for getting out and about. The services are for individual support for the following activities:

Chat over a cup of tea or coffee
Get help using technology, such as video conferencing your family
Play card games or other things that interest you
Start a new hobby or project.
Take your own transport with extra pair of hands.
Meeting family and friends
transport to and from events and functions
full carer support at sporting,
work or family celebrations
Attending community events or classes
Shopping or visiting your favourite cafe

Social Support allows you to connect with your community and do the things that you love and wish for. We at South West Care arrange social activities for older people and events to meet old and new people in surroundings.

At South West Care, we value our clients as individuals and care for them with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

Our care workers have expertise and knowledge. They are also enthusiastic, passionate and genuine about the care that they provide to you.

At South West Care, we take on board how you want to have things done, and we work with flexibility and tolerance with clients to make sure the care you receive from our service is delivered in a manner that suits your needs.